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For the July 4 long weekend holiday Alok found out just a day before that he would get an off on Friday too.  Since we did not plan any trip or vacation for the four-day long weekend, and since booking this late would be unnecessarily expensive - we did random things on all four days.

Day 1 - relaxed at home and went to see fireworks in the evening at a park with a few friends.
Day 2 - went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in the morning and back home at night.
Day 3 - went shopping all day at the Gilroy Premium Outlet.
Day 4 - tried canvas painting for the first time!
While I thought of drawing with a pencil first, hubby believed in proceeding with the paint right away and see where it goes.  I wonder if this a guy thing? ;-)
Seeing how he held a paint brush in his hand for the first time, I think he did a good job at the background shading!  While he was almost finishing his artwork, I was still in the process of drawing...
"OM" canvas painting
"OM" canvas painting
I don't know what happened towards the end that he made the "om" messy - I think after his 45 minutes threshold he lost patience!  He has asked me to 'fix' his painting but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon...
And this is my painting!  Took me two days to complete it (I expected it to take much longer).  I definitely did not come up with this Radha Krishna art on my own - my imagination is not this brilliant.  I was inspired by this original artwork here by the talented Pallavi Barooah.  I skipped the eyes because I just could not get it right - I think creating the right facial expressions and shadows is the most difficult part of portrait painting. But I'm happy with this as it is - as a first timer at canvas painting I am satisfied!
radha krishna canvas painting
radha krishna canvas painting
The long weekend was definitely an eventful one, and this canvas painting was a fun weekend activity with the husband!  Surprisingly, Alok had a good time too and is ready to buy few more canvases to paint together.  I am excited!
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