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While cleaning up the drawers some days back I found this apartment search checklist.  Last year since I was on vacation in Asia and Alok had to hunt for apartments here, I left with him this long checklist of the kind of apartment I want and the kind of things he needs to look or ask for.

spusht | new apartment search checklist

Surprisingly, he selected this current apartment better than my expectations.  The only drawback - that I had not realized earlier until I started living in this one: never choose an apartment unit near a busy expressway.  The apartment gets super noisy because of cars speeding at 50 mph and firetrucks on the expressway, the patio gets super dirty because of all the pollution from cars, the apartment gets super dusty because of all the constantly passing vehicles.  So not only do I have extra work of cleaning the apartment daily, I cannot place anything in the patio because a layer of soot forms within three days.

We will need to start a new apartment search again next month and this time I will make sure we choose one that does not face a busy expressway.  So that I can set up my dream coffee table and chairs on the patio to enjoy our morning tea and evening chit-chats.
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