recipe testing and comparing results

So many times I tried a new recipe first time when I were to have guests over for lunch or dinner at my place and the dishes flopped.  So many times Alok has told me to cook something I have before, instead of experimenting a new dish from a new recipe when I invite guests.  Because of the numerous times a recipe did not give me the results I wanted and because of the numerous variations in recipes for a particular dish - I started testing multiple recipes at home to discard the flop ones.

When Shumaila commented "so much research went in this" on my Blueberry Muffin post few days back, I thought of posting a few photos I had randomly clicked over a period of time.  This is how I test 2-3 recipes at once because if I cook different recipes over a gap of few days or weeks, I may forget what one tasted like in comparison to the other.  And the recipes that work - I upload them on my blog.

Few days back when my cousin sister in India was trying a muffin recipe - while I answered her questions I also told her to test and see the different results she gets: what happens when she leaves the batter too long before baking? what happens if she fills the muffin pan less than halfway?

Try testing and comparing results in any other situation - because when we learn things from trial and error, and when we understand the concepts behind some things, we remember it for a long time.
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  1. Nisha
    Today is the FIRST time I have actually visited anyone's blog. REALLY.
    Or no, I think I did read some of Sonal's posts on some photography challenges. And some recipes on Farrukh's blog. But anyone else??, ummm, no, I don't think so.
    Actually while going through your post on photography tips on CaL, I clicked on a link which brought me to your blog.
    And though it is 4.11 am here, though I had to go and reply to all those sweet people who wrote on my impassioned post, here I am, clicking on one post after another.
    You have been blogging for a while, so there will be many posts.
    But yes, I will try to go through them, one by one.
    Doing the dishes, Trip to India: Experiences, Discoveries, Stories - My Diary and Two Things: Comments and Searches, are already open in other tabs :)
    So far, I have like what I have seen and read.
    I like your style of writing, language - yes, even the apshabd :), wit, humour, sarcasm, but most of all, your honesty.
    Will leave it here for now.
    But definitely looking forward to know you more :)


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