the plot backfired

Since Alok does not help with anything around the apartment (heck, does not even pick things up that are lying around) until I specifically ask him to, I thought of trying a new method.  For some reason, I think of myself as a psychology expert trying to understand ways to influence the human brain, and ways to remodel human behavior.  The human in this context is my husband.

So my new method was to tell my husband I cannot do something and ask if he can do it.  Basically, I believe men like solving things, being the Mr. Fix-It, and especially helping more when a woman says she cannot do it.

I bought a few cabinet shelves from IKEA that required putting the stands together with the screws.  It is very simple and would take less than 5 minutes.  But instead doing it myself I asked Alok if he can - to which he obviously agreed.  This is how he helped:

After the job was finished, until the next day - the tool box, the screw driver, the cabinet shelf, the instruction sheet - everything was lying right there in the corner where he was sitting and working on it.  So basically, asking him to do it was pointless since I had to clear up by myself and he only increased my work.

However much of a self-proclaimed expert in human psychology, most of the times the cunning strategies I plan do not work on him.  This time too, the plot backfired.  Good lord, is there any hope at all?
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