King Queen of Hearts | Casino Theme Invitation | Valentine's Wedding Anniversary Poster

I designed this King of Hearts Queen of Hearts themed card a few months back.  I had patiently and lovingly hand-drawn this King-Queen on a card about 6 years back for husband who was my fiancé back then.  :-)

This King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts theme is a great idea if:

- you are looking for an invitation card to your poker-theme/casino-themed event, or
- a cool wedding card for a newly married couple, or
- an anniversary card for your better half, or
- a valentine's day card for your partner, or
- a king-queen theme poster to frame and hang on the wall in your bedroom!

After folding your card in half (there's a faint grey line to mark half of the card) slightly cut the 4 edges of the card in a curve to make it look more like a playing card.

You can get this from here: King of Hearts Queen of Hearts Print

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