Q & A: sangeet choreography

Sagarika, a young dancer and choreographer in India, who came across my sangeet song ideas post asked me:
I'm doing a sangeet choreography for the first time and having a little tough time due to my engineering exams! So if you could help me with how to choose songs and on what styles to choreograph, it would be of a really big help ^_^

My response:

depending on how many family members and friends of the bride/groom are ready to perform, discuss with them if they want to have a theme or regular group dances.

there are certain themes choreographers have these days for sangeet ... i have heard of 1960 bollywood theme, 7 phere theme, etc. so you would either choose songs as per that.

otherwise for regular dances, you may want to have a group dance of bhabhis, bhaiyas, sisters, jijajis, brothers, friends, children, teenager/youngsters, probably have couple dances if people are up for it - and then choose songs accordingly. create a mash up of 3-4 songs for a 3-4 minute performance for each group. people start with ganesh vandana usually, so that's one more.

i'm not sure what you mean by 'what styles to choreograph'. from what i understand: graceful indian dance steps for grown up women, a little western for younger generation, some salsa for couples, hip hop or b-boying for friends - add variety.

hope this helps other readers looking for sangeet choreography suggestions too. and if you have arranged or witnessed any sangeet programs, feel free to share your views here so others can benefit too!
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