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I went to an Art of Living session of meditation and yoga along with my friend.  There, they said they have the people introduce themselves as "Hi I'm ____ and one good thing about me is _____".  Honestly, I could not come up with a single one about myself at that very moment.  When we search for jobs, we make sure we tell our strengths, all positive things about ourselves, and sell ourselves well.  We go on to give examples about our leadership, communication, team player, presentation, and other skills.  But in real life, apart from those "skills", how much do we know about ourselves?  How many good qualities about myself do I know?  I realized that we all really should be aware of good things about ourselves.  And why not?  After all, it's all the good things that we are always proud about.  Counting our qualities helps make us feel very positive and builds confidence.  It is instant therapy, in fact.  So here this time, I'll try again and you will join me in this.

Hi, I'm Nisha, and one good thing about me is I like to spread positive energy around.
What about you?

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