our recreational activity: assembling furniture

A friend saw pictures of my canvas painting, she thought it was really sweet and said she really liked how Alok and I tried a creative activity together - something not all husbands would be ready for.  Surprisingly, it did not take much persuasion and Alok was ready to try canvas painting for the first time on one of the days of a long weekend, and he enjoyed it.  One of the other pastimes we have enjoyed in the three years together is assembling household furniture.

For now, it has only been desks, tables, and the likes - especially the kind you purchase from IKEA or Walmart, all the numbered pieces, and fix with the kit that comes along with it following the diagram on the manual.

When we move up to owning a house in the future, I am looking forward to many recreational activities together such as building closets, painting walls, and so on.

I believe it is essential for couples to find an activity to spend time together - especially in this day and age when we are mostly glued to watching TV, busy on our computers, and engrossed in our phones.

There are many common leisure activities for couples: going out for movies, playing board games, cooking together or going out for meals, clubbing, hiking, traveling, and so on.  While Alok and I absolutely are two opposite sides of the pole with varied interests, one thing we do have in common is assembling and fixing things together.

So, ever since our journey after marriage began, I remembered to capture this memory each time we built something.  (Yes, the camera is placed on self-timer, in case you were wondering.)

Men do not like to read instructions as you might be aware.  So I read the manual and guide him.  Men also do not like to follow directions as you might be aware.  So we argue, and I win most of the times.  But it surely makes some of our weekends more enjoyable.

I now want to buy some creative projects, some jigsaw puzzles, some bigger canvases, and I am looking for some more ideas to try.  To build things around the house, and to build our memories.
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  1. I was actually imagining me and my husband while reading this blog..its same scenario at our place too while fixing any new furniture..im reading the manual and helping him..plus as usual (and now i think its normal) he never follows the directions i give and we argue and I always win.. :D

  2. I think it's really cute and your posts are making me addicted to your blog :) Loved all the pics, they are great memories


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