weekend pastime links

Heylo, what's up this weekend?

Here are some weekend pastime links for you.

64. Ladder storage basket for $59.00 - although perfect for potatoes, onions, and garlic it is too expensive I think.  A three-tier rack with high edges, probably for $20 from Ross or Marshalls, etc would do the job.  But looks fancy - so would you buy something like this?

65. Dining Etiquette 101 ... some lessons and tips on table setting and eating.  Though I like to keep glass on the left hand and bowls on the right hand on the table - it is easier to drink glass from left hand while eating food from the right.  Just my preference.

66. Send a photo of your dog and The Shelter Pups create a custom stuffed dog that looks just like your dog for $125 each.  The money goes to dog shelters and rescues.  You can read their story on how a little girl Theodora started this.  I believe the stuffed toy is way too pricey for sure, but then again - they are made in USA (not in Asia), dog lovers do not mind spending so much, and the stuffed toys are made close to perfection of the original image of the dog!

67. Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and hang bills from the inside so that when opened up – tada!  A little something for a rainy day…cute gift idea, don't you think?!

68. lol.  no kidding :D

69. If you think this hairstyle is unbelievable, the website has a few more 'holy moly' reaction kind of hairdos.

70. And finally ... here is your inspiration for today...

Have a great weekend :)
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