sharing links, wednesday

Hello, Hello!  How's your day going on?

Sharing some links here with you.  Enjoy.

50.  I love collecting mugs but I only have one from Indonesia and Thailand, so far.  Some day when I have a vast collection like this one I will create a beautiful separate mug shelf too.

51.  Teaching little kids about diversity.  I remember watching a movie in my childhood where Nana Patekar (an Indian actor) talks about how the blood of a Hindu and Muslim is the same color of red, and if mixed together no one can tell whether it is a Hindu blood or a Muslim blood, so why the discrimination?  I agree.

52.  Find a stencil online. Trace it onto colored scrapbook papers.  Hang it with a string to decorate wall.  I particularly love this idea because my hubby does not let me drill nails in the wall to hang anything, so a lightweight hanging decoration like this would be perfect for our apartment!

53.  Wheeeeee how much I would love to have these beautiful Turkish lamps hang from the ceiling of my apartment.  *dreaming on*

54.  Clever way to fancy up some bobby pins - some metallic, glittery nail paint, and you are good to go.
(could not find the original link)

55.  Turn toaster sideways, get grilled cheese.  Brilliant.

56.  And finally ... here is your inspiration for the day:
(could not find original link)

On that note, have a happy day!
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