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Heylo!  What's up?

Here are some links for you today.  Enjoy!

57.  Use inexpensive wrapping paper as table runner (bought from a dollar store?) - I love frugal ideas that are simple, pretty, and look more expensive than what they actually are.  Haha ;-)

58.  You can put edible stuff in a jar, or decorative stuff, or ... I love this idea of putting notes in a jar!  This one is for the cutest/funniest things children say.  But I can start doing this with my husband; he is no less funny.

59.  These 'camerasutra' pictures and names are too funny and as a prints on the t-shirt would be definitely eye-catching!

60.  Being the two-in-one idea lover, I am totally digging this greeting card + gift idea.
(the link it opens up to requires some registration and membership by invitation only)

61.  Gotta do something like this to my old shoes and bring the heels up a level.

62.  If you have a lot of patience to send a message in a unique way, try this eggstra cute method of eggspressing it  ;-)

63.  And finally ... here is your inspiration for the day:
(could not find original link)

Have a wonderful week ahead, people!
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