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Feel the midweek blues yet?  Here's something to take a break.

71. $850 for a built-in microwave oven drawer.  I feel this is absolutely ridiculous - but would you spend this amount of money to get a built-in oven drawer in your kitchen?

72.  How to make a HUGE kit kat chocolate bar ... I think this would require at least 100 people to eat the whole bar!  Entire step-by-step pictorial here:

73. Nerdy way of expressing love.  Haha.

74. 25 bandages for $7 ... funny and interesting, but surely not good to go around in public with these bandages on.  Then what's the point of putting on such bandages, right?

75. Upcycle idea: turn milk gallon bottle into paint and paint brush holder.  Not sure if the bottle topples over because of the weight of the brush?

76.  Place a can under the candle before filling the jar with stones, flowers, etc... Two advantages: candle stands straight, and you need to use less stuff to fill.  Good tip for the holiday season and parties.

77. And finally ... your inspiration for today!

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