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What's up, What's up?
Here are some interesting links related to cake and baking that I have picked for the day.  Enjoy..

85. Three-Tier Oven Rack to bake or keep multiple things warm in the oven to use the oven space as well as save time and electricity.  I love using vertical spaces, but one thing to keep in mind for this would be the oven temperatures of the dishes baked and if the top and bottom dishes would cook evenly? And priced between $16-19, is it worth it?

86. Don't know how to use a piping bag, nozzles, and all that jazz?  Make these chocolate butterflies for awesome cake toppers.

87. Writing a message on a cake? Write it with a toothpick first to make sure all the letters fit.  And if you make a mistake, just smooth it out and try again!

88. Put stencils (or print outs in a great font if you have bad handwriting) under wax paper for chocolate letters and simply trace over it, use them over cakes or cupcakes as toppers.

89. No time for chocolate butterflies?  Even easier option: edible glitter: 1/4 cup sugar + 1/2 teaspoon food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven.  Now decorate the cake.
[note: i personally have not tried this yet but will surely do one day]

90. A long and amazing list of gift ideas for bakers - I would LOVE to get SO many of the things listed in there!  Psst ... can anyone read between the lines ;-)

91. And finally, here's the inspiration for today.  Love your life - it's the only one you got.

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