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When I looked back at my toothpick and paper toppers on cake, it actually made me realize - may be I should create cake toppers or cupcake toppers and keep them in stock anytime I have to bake and decorate a cake for someone.  It would be so much prettier and better than the paper-and-toothpick cake toppers I make not-so-neatly in a jiffy.

Here are 10 cake topper ideas I have collected for myself from around the internet.  Sharing with you in case they turn out helpful for you some day.  Of all these, I personally am not fond of those triangle banner kind of cake toppers because they have been done to death.  But they could inspire you and me someday for a more creative cake topper.


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1.  sweet, with the addition of hearts on both sides

2.  made from wallpaper sample.  i think one can also use a pretty picture from a magazine or a print from gift wrapping paper or something.

3.  how easy to make and keep at hand for the last-minute-cakes

4.  different, a little more 3D effect with the hearts, and text stitched on some kind of fabric?

5.  Step-by-step tutorial on their blog

6.  downloadable printables on their blog

 7.  see, this triangle banner thingie is really common i am telling ya

8.  cut with fancy scissors and alphabets punched in

9.  actually, who said a plain white cake needs to be dressed up in a grand way?  simplicity at its best.

10.  hearts, stars, there are so many options possible.

On that note,
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  1. Such a lovely post Nisha.. and I cudnt agree with u more on the icing of a cake being a scary affair! :D I too have never tried my hand at that and I prefer cake with minimal decor. These toppers look awesome. Will be trying out one soon for a bday coming up round the corner :)

  2. Loved your post Nisha-di! :)
    Thanks xxx


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