Today's Links, Tuesday

Hello, how's it going!?

Today's Links:

22.  I have seen rainbow cakes before, but a checkered rainbow cake like this one has left my eyes wide and mouth open.  WAY TOO COOL.

23.  This (motivational) poster for a workout worked for me.  The lazy girl that I am needed a kick like this one to start exercising and I did.

24.  Rose-Shaped Ice Cream.  How is this possible?  I do not know, I NEEEEEED to know!!!!

25.  Cute baby shower gift: have guests write funny messages on diaper so that diaper-changing session brings a smile on the mother.  One example "let daddy do this one" or something fun.

26.  The graphic print skirt looks nice for once, from far, but who would wear it with those spiky stuff on the sides?!

27.  Did you know there were male and female bell peppers and there IS a way to differentiate?  Ha ha.

28.  Such a beautiful video expressing the simple power of words.

On that note, have a great Tuesday!
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