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What are your plans for the weekend?

Here are some links for your weekend pastime.  Enjoy!

29.  Hubby does keep thinking why I keep collecting stuff that I should throw away.  But if brilliant people keep coming up with ideas such as this, it makes it tougher to throw things that could be upcycled into something great.  This one: wrap an aluminum foil box or cling wrap box to make a gift box and put mini muffins, cookies, etc in it.  (Step by step tutorial in link)

30.  You might like this picnic blanket idea if sewing is your thing.  Sew bandanas together then sew them to a sheet.  It would be lightweight and makes for a good gift idea too.

31.  This pop-up greeting card does look easy because of the step-by-step picture tutorial.  I'm wondering if the card is folded won't the cake and gift box get folded too.  Or may be this is just good enough for a stand up card.  Anyway I like it.

32.  Got too many grocery bags?  Got too much time on hand?  Put those two together and make these cute little grocery bag baskets!  I'm thinking this would make a great DIY prop for food photography too.  Entire step-by-step picture tutorial done very well on the site.

33.  More uses of buttons: make a vintage button necklace.  Step-by-step tutorial on this site.  (Previously: button bookmarks #19)

34.  Coffee can upcycled into pretty storage containers.  I have a few milo tins like these can I definitely put to good use now.

35.  This is a beautiful two-in-one message creatively tattooed.
Here is your inspiration for the day:  Be You .... and ... Believe in Yourself.

And on that note, have a great weekend!
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