links for today, thursday

For those in USA - got any plans for the long weekend?

Here are some links for today.  Enjoy!

43.  Shoe holder turned into cleaning supply storage
44.  Or use the over-the-door shoe organizer as a snack bar holder

45.  One more use of a shoe-related storage: shoe box turned into a charging station.  Keeping all the wires and cables, chargers and adapters - ORGANIZED.
(google up images of shoe box turn into charging station for various design ideas)

46.  Use cereal canister as a trash can inside car, and many other great tips and ideas on the page..

47.  And the mess in our car when we take road trips definitely needs a small yet spacious backseat car organizer like this one.

48.  And WOW - this is one impressive and super organized car.  For now, all I know is that I need to get some of those over-the-door or hanging stuff to hang things from everywhere possible.

49.  And finally ... here is your inspiration for the day:

On that note, have a great tuesday, everyone!
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