Links for the day, Monday

How was your weekend??

Links for the day:

8.  These people have some really cool and funny t-shirts!  A little too pricey for me otherwise I would have bought one for my dad, but love most of the tees and the ideas on their page.

9.  Stick small boxes together and transform them into a pretty and big drawer insert to store stuff in.  I will make some day.

10.  Interesting infographic on the evolution of time-management tools.  Though I think calendars came much after hourglasses and water clocks.

11.  If you thought you were putting the bobby pin correctly in your hair, think again.  One of the comments I read: "Make sure the grooved side of the bobby pin is facing down, against the skin. The ribbing is designed to grip hair and lock it in place, and you will capture more hair with the pin in that position."

12.  Getting a cheap dish drain rack from a dollar store can help keep all plastic lids in place.

13.  Glossy paper quality, nice pictures, colorful prints - make pretty envelopes from old magazines.

14.  And finally ... here is your inspiration for the day:

On that note, have a great start of the week!
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