interesting links, wednesday

Did anything fun over the weekend?

Here are some interesting links I discovered. Enjoy!

36.  Cute a noodle, tie it around a rubbermaid box, make a noodley beverage boat while you relax in the pool.  How smart!  Step-by-step instructions on this site.

37.  For the bridesmaids or the brides.  Or for a night out clubbing and partying.  For women wearing dresses and do not want to carry stuff in their hands.  What a smart idea, haha.

38.  And also this bra a pair of college students developed, that has "pockets perfect for stowing valuables like smartphones, keys, and credit cards."  Love it.

39.  Old baking sheet could be turned into a beautiful and decorative tray.  Original idea by Rebecca Robertson from Martha Stewart magazine.

40.  Subtle Hint.  Ha ha.  I am guilty too.
(saw the picture somewhere on internet, could not find original link)

41.  DIY monogrammed tote...using a fabric color and doilies!  (site opens in another language)

42.  And finally ... here is your inspiration for the day:

Have a super week ahead!
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