23 reasons why having a nanand is the best thing in the world

Two years back my nanand (sister-in-law aka my husband's sister) shared a post with me that had some 15 reasons why having a bhabhi is the best thing in the world.  When I asked her if there was any post about a nanand, she asked me to write one.  And so I thought of writing one, dedicating it to her on just the right day --

23 reasons why having a nanand is the best thing in the world

1. She shares her brother's time and his love that she had received all her life

2. She feels good when people praise me, and happily tells me when anyone she knows compliments me

3. She goes to run even the smallest errands for me when I run short on time

4. She stands up for me and wouldn't let anyone dare talk negative about me

5. She remembers more about me and things I said and stuff I did than I'd remember about myself

6. She is forever ready to help with any smallest thing I need help with

7. She sleeps with me when my husband is not with me so that I don't feel lonely

8. She always makes me feel like a part of her immediate and even extended family

9. She shares fun childhood stories and funny baby photos of her brother

10. She would make time for me by hook or by crook from her busy schedule

11. She is ready to bunk her important classes and skip going to office just to spend time with me

12. She would save up every penny to buy gifts even though being the youngest she doesn't need to gift anything

13. She has good sense of humor and keeps me entertained for hours

14. She can also laugh hysterically at anything at any time of the day or any time of the night and be herself with me

15. She loves talking for hours and equally is a great listener

16. She is like a soul sister who cares for me more than sisters of my bloodline do

17. She talks to me about her life, her friends, and so much more that she would never even tell her parents or her brother

18. She is very understanding and matured for someone her age, sometimes surpassing people twice her age

19. She thinks beyond I can imagine; what and how another person could think or say or react in a situation

20. She can take care and play with my kids for hours without getting tired or without making any fuss at all

21. She can go the extra mile to dig up old photos, old recipes, old emails, or anything you name it just because I ask for it

22. She has immense patience to take me shopping at every nook and corner, even in a time crunch

23. She knows how to sincerely, genuinely, wholeheartedly, unconditionally love her bhabhi.

and on her 23rd birthday today her bhabhi wants to let her know that she loves her nanand very, very, very much.

Happy birthday, Garima! 

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