The glass of juice

Over dinner one day, I served food on our plates and began pouring fruit juice in our glasses. Alok told me he did not want the juice.  Despite that I was continuing to pour the fruit juice in his glass when he got angry and said, “I told you I don’t want.”  But I knew he did.

While eating, he took a sip of the juice from my glass.  Halfway through the dinner, my glass was half empty and I was beginning to get annoyed.  I suggested, “If you want the juice you can take some in your own glass, you know?”

He got angry (for no reason, as always) and said, “If you had a problem with me drinking from your glass you should have just said it.  I’m sorry, I will never drink from your glass again.”

I replied, “I don’t have a problem with that.  I have a problem when you angrily tell me you do not want something when I do it, but continue to do the same on your own.”

He got angrier and said, “Okay, just stop it now.”

He obviously did not appear in a good mood, but one thing was clear – he does not want his own glass of juice just because he wants to take ‘sips’ of juice from mine.

And they say it’s impossible to understand women?

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